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Friday 8th September 8pm

The UK's finest SALSA charanga band!


Yes, join Leeds' finest, most spirited, energetic ten-piece Salsa band with a line-up led by violins and flutes rather than the more usual brass - hence 'charanga' - together with classic piano, double bass, timbales, congo and guiro. Cracking Cuban music form Yorkshire! Just sit back and enjoy the music or get up and strut your stuff showing off all those fancy moves you learnt on holiday!

'Slick and funky....Muy sabroso!' Lubi OJC, Casa Latina

Tickets £8.50 Concessions £7.50 Members £6

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Saturday 9th September 8pm


Multi-instrumentalist half of England's top - top, as in selling out the Albert Hall sort of top - acoustic duo, 'Show of Hands', Mr Phil Beer. Back on the road with a band who's collective sound has been labelled, not 'folk rock',but 'folk 'n' roll', and The Guardian described their music as 'Steve Earle and Richard Thompson collide'. Well, we here at Tower A&E just hope nobody gets hurt trying to illustrate what a band sounds like for heaven's sake. It's just getting out of hand now, talented musicians hurling themselves at each other in order to prove a point. Seems to us the simplest and safest way to get this sorted is for you to phone up and book a ticket NOW and make up your own mind - or somebody's going to get hurt. And you don't want that on your conscience do you? Anyway, whatever - and I hope we can all calm down now - you can't really go wrong with a band fronted by a man who's musical wizardry has been apprehended by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Mike Oldfield and Steve Harley, to name-drop but a few. So forget categories, just think 'great music' and you'll be just fine.

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Friday 15th September 8pm


'Hmm, I think I know what to call the book now', Albert Camus could well have mused, had he and Kevin Coyne actually ever met. But blind to the blandishments of Branson, spurning all the earthly treasures and glory of mainstream rock 'n' roll fame, our hero declined, uncompromising in his need to free himself from the chains of commercial consideration.He did manage to record a formidable eleven albums for Virgin Records whist he was in harness though, included the fabulous 'Marjory Razorblade' and 'Millionaires and Teddybears' before deciding enough was enough. And out he went. Possessor of one of those throaty, roaring Cocker-Chapman type blues voices that can stall stampeding buffalo or about face an advancing Mongol horde, in the early eighties Kevin Coyne hit rock bottom, a complete nervous breakdown, the price to be paid for years of rock 'n' roll living and touring. Happily, decamping to Germany in the mid-eighties proved the right thing to do, and another eleven albums later, now well established as not only a singer of renown, but also as a writer of song and book, exhibiting artist and occasional actor. This is only one of five UK dates, so make sure you don't miss out!

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Friday 16th September 8pm

From The House of The Rising Sun to The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!


A true legend of the British and International music scene, his inspired keyboard playing turned The Animals' 'House Of The Rising Sun' from an OK-to-good trad blues shout into a monster Number One and all-time Classic. The Lucky Man, Bafta Award winner and Oscar nominee who starred in a major Lindsay Anderson movie and brought to musical life The Daily Mirror's cloth-capped, snout-balancing curmudgeon Andy Capp, starring Tom Courteney. The man who alone, as part of The Alan Price Set and alongside Georgie Fame, achieved numerous chart hits, including the wonderful 'Jarrow Song'. With many great songs, plus stories about life on and off the music scene, 'An Evening With' promises to be a truly memorable occasion, a musical and anecdotal journey through the life and times of Alan Price.

Tickets £15 Concessions & Members £13

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Friday 22nd September 8pm

From Zimbabwe!


'Batani' is a Shona word meaning 'Unite!', and Batanai Marimba travel the world doing just that, uniting South African melody with Zimbabwean 'jiti'-style rhythms to create the powerful polyrhythmic sound, rich with the percussive drive of traditional marimbas (big wooden xylophones). Fronted by Marimba queens Lindi and Nkosi, and graced with the resonant dub poetry of Zimbabwean Digo Vusi. South African culture at it's joyful best.

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5

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Saturday 23rd September 8pm


One of the 'progressive' groups to develop out of the psychedelic era, Man evolved from a Swansea outfit, The Bystanders, who had outgrown their pop-harmony beginnings. Despite their Welsh origins, like many other groups of their kind, they based themselves on the Continent in the late sixties, touring extensively through Germany, Belgium and Holland. During this period, they enjoyed only a very small following in England. The seventies saw the group gradually rise through the ranks of the progressive movement to the top of league division two Gigging almost permanently and releasing at least one album every year the band finally succumbed in 1976 to internal pressures and external indifference fuelled by the emergence of punk. The farewell gig of this phase was at the Fulcrum Theatre in Slough, on December 16th 1976.

A seven year hiatus was ended on April 1st 1983, when their performance at London's Hope and Anchor heralded the beginning of Man's second phase. Reformed as a four-piece, the eighties and nineties have proved to be both stable and productive. Albums have been few and far between, with only six releases since 1983 (plus of course the legendary lost album) but in concert the progression was underway again. The group have always been a much-loved live act, and their gigging schedule has kept them touring smaller venues throughout the U.K and continental Europe. Alongside the frequent touring the group's complete back catalogue has now been released on CD, and a number of previously unavailable recordings from the seventies lineups have also made it into the public domain.

As the first few months of the new millennium are reached the band find themselves looking at a resurgance of interest in their music. They have signed a recording deal with Andrew Lauder's new label, Evangeline Recorded Sounds, and a new studio album is due to be released in the summer. Two video performances recorded during the triumphant show at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff are also expected, one featuring familiar material, and one showcasing the new album, 'Endangered Species'. Further releases, this time featuring archive live material recorded during Man's 1970's tours of the United States are also anticipated.

Tickets £8 Concessions £7 Members £6

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Thursday 28th September 8pm

'Brel rarely offers solutions but states the confusion brilliantly' Scott Walker.


Jacques Brel's most famous chanson 'If You Go Away' ('Ne Me Quitte Pas') became a cabaret standard for musical giants such as Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Dusty Springfield......and more. Enormous as his fame was, and is, within French language frontiers Brel managed to conquer Anglo-Saxon regions via a huge cult following of fellow wordsmiths and performers such as Rod McKuen, Ray Davies, Leonard Cohen, Marc Almond and his most celebrated and public mouthpiece, Scott Walker. Many will only know of Brel's work through Terry Jacks' (horrible) million selling 'Seasons In The Sun', The Sensational Alex Harvey Band's (brilliant) take on 'Next' and Bowie with (made to measure) 'Amsterdam' and 'My Death'. Brel's influence continues to this day in the work of Tom Robinson, Julian Cope, Howard Devoto and Jarvis Cocker and tonight six performers, established artists in their own right, pay homage to that true figurehead and eminence grise of twentieth century songwriting, Jacques Brel. They include poet/musician Attila The Stockbroker, author and sometime leader of the legendary Clayson and the Argonauts, Alan Clayson and Robb Johnson, 'Britain's finest songwriter since Richard Thompson' (Venue)

Tickets £8.50 Concessions £7.50 Members £6

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Saturday 30th September 8pm


The Gliders are a three-piece... a swamp-driven collision of Dr. John, The Doors and Morphine. The sound of Interstate travel - bars, cars and snake-handling. These boys drink strychnine for breakfast, you could say they’ve had a leg-up, genetically speaking. Their awesome power and skill derives from the fact that as individuals, they’ve achieved more musically than most bands do in a lifetime. As The Gilders they’re only one album old. Try this CV on for size...As lead vocalist with The Jazz Devils, Andy Taylor wrote and produced two albums for Virgin. After leaving the band he spent the next couple of years travelling through the deep South, sitting in with bar bands and amassing a great collection of rare blues and cajun recordings. As a harmonica player Andy has recently worked with Neil Finn, playing on his version of “I Can See Clearly Now”, featured in the film Antz. Returning to England after one too many scrapes (including being caught up in a bank siege in San Antonio) he met Sean with whom he instantly struck up a deep musical rapport. Sean Lyons has played guitar with such diverse artists as George Clinton, Robyn Hitchcock and Brian Kennedy, and he even played banjo on “5-6-7-8” by Steps (a career high?). He has collaborated with Stewart Copeland on work included in Rumblefish and David Bowie recorded one of his first songs “Criminal World” on the “Let’s Dance” album. Morris Windsor is a founder member of The Soft Boys and The Egyptians, writing and playing on over 20 albums and extensively touring both the UK and USA where the band became darlings of college radio. Michael Stipe of REM said of Morris: “I have never heard a more musical drummer. He can define a song using no words and no melody.” So there you have it - a band that could fit into the boot of a Trabant and yet still have the power of a V8.

 21 year-old Alabama born Fillup (that’s Phillip said quickly to you and me) Shack has just released ‘Hipoilt’, his first LP. Listening to it is like listening to a train whistling past whose passengers include Messers Dylan, Cohen, and Buckner... you keep thinking you’ve heard something you recognise but by then it’s already moved on. Stark acoustic guitar, harmonica and a voice almost too authentic to be true mark him down the real deal. His lyrics wander from the dark to the hopeful and back again via Lonesome Street and Death Mountain. This is his first visit to these shores, he’ll bring the songs, we’ll supply the tumbleweed.

Tickets £7 Concessions £6 Members £5

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Friday 6th October 8pm


With a new biography published by Bloomsbury, a new CD and a Channel 4 biopic out in June 2000, one of the most influential and unique musical figures on the British folk scene receives a shamefully belated media makeover. To those of us who've been paying attention, Bert has always been right up there; in the Pantheon of Folk Heros to be sure, but in a very special place, set apart even from fellow musical giants. Oh, and any evidence you might require as to why Bert Jansch was dubbed 'Britain's answer to Bob Dylan' can be readily found at The Tower tonight.

Tickets £8.50 Concessions £7 Members £6

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Sunday 15th October 8pm


An anniversary tour as the Dynamic Duo celebrate eighteen years since the recording of their first album. It's been a while since their last visit to The Tower, but it's been put back 'cos Huw and Tony wanted to include Winchester as part of the Celebrations so, just like Sloopy, we've had to hang on. But join us now as we give thanks for surely one of the most likeable, consistent, funny, quality purveyors of music and good humour on the circuit.

'The audience reacted with laughter and within minutes were hushed by the beauty of a song' Ralph McTell

'Well crafted songs, prepared with humour and verve...They are the best live act in the country' Western Mail

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Friday 20th October 8pm


Jon Strong toured as a solo performer in the late 80's with the likes of Robert Palmer, Ry Cooder, Van Morrison and Talk Talk. 1990 saw the birth of the Jon Strong Band and their album debuted to critical acclaim ('mind blowing acoustic guitar work driven by a solid classy rhythm section') The band are in constant demand, touring the UK and Europe, a brilliant live act, difficult to pigeon-hole but a joy to experience - there really isn't another band like them. A Must See. Oh., and the long awaited follow up to Follow Me will be available is promised for this gig - and we know this to be true, 'cos we've actually got a copy! Support tonight needs little introduction to Tower regulars- in a class and a league of his own, his Chelsea boots are pointed, you won't be disappointed, it has to be good 'ol Johnnie Clarke!

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Friday 27th October 8pm


'Dark Side Of The Moon', 'Wish You Were Here', 'The Wall' and 'The Division Bell' surely rank high in any Best Ever British Albums and Pink Floyd a major musical force spanning decades. The Machine play the music of Floyd, complete with special effects and kaleidoscopic lighting, faithfully recreating the sound and atmosphere of a Floyd stadium gig right here in The Tower. Not just another brick in the Warhol... whatever that may mean.

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Saturday 28th October 8pm



Perhaps best known to Tower audiences as dynamite Ivory Tickler with Sonny Black & The Dukes, erstwhile Duke Daniel Smith's blistering barrelhouse boogie woogie piano is now let loose, live, solo and back to back with piano prodigy Matthew Empson, an eighteen year old whose fingers at no time leave the ends of his arms, despite what you might think can be the only reasonable physical explanation for the sounds you are hearing! Described by Radio 2's Paul Jones as a 'prodigious talent', he also sings and plays harmonica and on stage, alongside, alone or in back of Daniel Smith, a man who can 'squeeze more into three minutes than most manage in a lifetime' (Blues On Stage) we can look forward to a serious attack of one of those top Tower Live Music nights!

'the best boogie piano in a long time....jazzy vocals, this guy is seriously talented' Blues Review, USA

'We want Barrabas' The People of Israel

Plus! Boogie On Down Yourself! If you've reached Grade 3 piano and want to try on some boogie or jazz piano for size, now's your chance as Daniel will be running one on one from 11am thru' to 6.30pm during the day.

Concert tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

Boogie Piano classes: £10 per 45 minute session. Limited places, early booking advised.

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Friday 10th November 8pm


Back after far too long away, a self-taught, one-man world music phenomenon, who's travelled across five continents during the last 12 years sustained by a natural troubadour's talent for weaving magical, musical, storytelling spells accompanied by his own bizzare solo orchestra of spoons, finger cymbals, bandorea, djeme drums, brilliant harmonica, guitar, trombone and tap dance. Rory's style of music has been described as 'intimate, revealing, political and powerful'. NEEDS WORK

Tickets £8 Concessions £7 Members £6

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Sunday 12th November 8pm


Born in London of Spanish parents, Carlos Bonell studied at the Royal College of Music with John Williams. Appointed the youngest ever Professor there in 1972, this guitar virtuoso has since toured with his own Ensemble, appeared with all the major British orchestras, at many International Festivals, and in concert with fellow guitarists Paco Pena, Juan Martin and Martin Taylor and violinists and singers, including Salvatore Accardo, Pinchas Zuckerman, Cleo Laine and Philip Langridge.

'Supple rhythm and passionately lyrical phrasing.....a masterclass in magic'. BBC Music Magazine

'Peerless performance.....magically atmospheric playing' The West Australian

Tickets £8 Concessions £7 Members £6

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Thursday 16th November 8pm


This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't foolin' around - make no mistake, we are in the presence of a British Blues Legend. Last witnessed at The Tower in June '97 (ill health prevented a return in October '98), aficionados reckoned it their best ever Tower gig, if not best gig ever, with LJB strutting his stuff, behatted and resplendently suited, in fine form and fantastic voice. This is the man who's credited with suggesting Clapton, E, pick up a guitar, that the Yardbirds get it together as a band and one Reginald Kenneth Dwight counted himself so damned lucky to have been his piano player he took the name John as his new surname in tribute. The Stones, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Beatles, Chuck Berry - you name 'em, LJB's mojo's been workin' somewhere in the vicinity.

Tickets £11 Concessions £9 Members £7

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Friday 17th November 8pm


Perhaps best known as a bluesman, Sonny is no mean jazz noodler, and we here at The Tower Academy of Sound have long thought that even on a rockin' Sonny Bee & The Dees blues night there is a distinct jazzy feel to the whole excellent affray. So tonight, it's blues, it's jazz, it's great music, so it just has to be....Sonny Black and The Dukes.

Tickets £8 Concessions £7 Members £6

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Sunday 19th November 8pm


Recipient of a Young Jazz Musician award way back in the early 80's with the group Sphere (who actually played The Tower one Friday night!), Andy Sheppard has maintained a position as one of this country's leading soloists on the International stage, performing tonight with long-time associate Lodder on piano and on bass, Chris Lawrence. It don't get much better.

Tickets £10 Concessions £9 Members £8

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Saturday 25th November 8pm


Yes! A real Beatle playing live at The Tower! AND this is the only UK date, touring as the band is throughout the year to Australia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Australia, Canada and the USA! In concert, The Pete Best Band will be playing authentic rock 'n' roll standards, original early Beatle material plus later Beatle classics! Also included are live versions of the famed Decca recordings and the whole evening is a sort of A to Z of Rock 'n' Roll, featuring ex Rod Stewart, Elton John and George Michael guitarist, Martin Hay. Your chance to experience first hand the authentic power of rock 'n' roll and the driving percussion that proved a major force in lifting The Beatles above the rest of the herd of Liverpool Beat groups, up and away onto that long, winding road to World Domination.

Tickets £9 Concessions £8 Members £6

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Sunday 26th November 8pm


As fine a reproduction of the Fab Four in all it's manifestations as you'll get and thankfully no strangers to The Tower Live Music programme. This time the lads will be performing all the hits from 1962 - 1970, including a special unplugged session showcasing classic acoustic Beatle songs.

Tickets £7 Concessions £6 Members £5

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Friday 30th November 8pm


Take New Orleans rhythm 'n' blues, gospel style roots, get-on-down 'n' dirty boogie woogie and then kneed, meld and mould with the traditional -and the adventurous- deep soul of the blues and the startling, fresh musical gumbo you've cooked up just has to be The Bruce Katz Band. Ex Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Bruce Katz pumps piano like the demon love chile of Jerry Lee Lewis and Albert Ammonds, accompanied all the way and then some, and then some more, by a top draw band of hard core blues and jazz players. It's a long, hard spell Massachusetts, but that's where tonight's band hail from, bringing classy, quality, authentic, rhythm 'n' boogie blues direct to The Tower all the way from the Yew Ess of A! Not to be missed.

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Friday 1st December 8pm


'Masters' of War', 'El Condor Pasa' and erm 'Going to The Zoo'......hits for Britain's answer to Bobby's ex-squeeze, Joan Baez. Julie Felix is an international artist of great distinction, still out there writing the songs and singing them with a voice that can send shivers down the spine of even the staunchest anti-Folkie. Her work reflects the experience of a lifetime committed to music, and an evening spent in her company is a truly memorable experience.

Tickets £7.50 Concessions £6.50 Members £5.50

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Friday 8th December 8pm


Original, mould-breaking drummer with Yes and King Crimson, the man who's name is a byword in the world of rock and jazz for exceptional musicianship and good-time music, Mr Bill Bruford. All you need to know really, but it's in my job description so I do have to tell you that the rest of the band are Patrick Clahar (ex Steve Grossman, Incognito) on sax, Steve Hamilton (Van Morrison, Gary Burton) on keyboards and on bass Mark Hodgson (who, we are told, has 'played with everybody' - actually more information than we need, but good luck to him). Anyway, a great night out with the man who actually turns that distinctly worthy, but dodgy - well, to us anyway - term 'jazz fusion' into great fun and a musical force to be reckoned with.

Tickets £8.50 Concessions £7.50 Members £6.50

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Friday 16th December 8pm 'til late



'Quite simply one of the best theatrical voices this country has ever produced' Peter Gabriel

'I agree' David Bowie

The God of Hellfire returns to live performance! A musical and theatrical influence dutifully acknowledged by the likes of Pete Townsend (Who he? He Who! - Ed), Prodigy and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Indeed, such was the awesome power of a CWOAB performance that it is said one Jimi Hendrix wouldn't appear on the same bill for fear of being upstaged - setting fire to your guitar is not quite so spectacular as setting fire to your head. The new show is a compelling mix of new material plus all the psychedelic stuff including that Monster Mash - top of the charts for 14 weeks - 'FIRE!'; an all-time classic which features one of the most sublime musical moments ever, you know, that bit when the brass kicks in........gets us everytime. (Get on with it - Ed) As usual there'll be more Tower wackiness which we have yet to sort, the wild and wilful Tower Christmas Raffle, the only UK Raffle which fails year in year out to make any money, some food, a feast of fun and surprise special guests. The Social Event of the Calendar, Darling, an absolute MUST. BE THERE or be doomed to surf the duel waves of regret and remorse throughout 2triple0+one. Don't be the Pariah in your Parish....Throw off the drab, gabadine mac of Grinding Drudgery and don the racy, two piece swimsuit of Gadding About.......Thrill (Enough already, I think they've got the message - Ed)

Tickets £8 Concessions £7 Members £5*


(*Calling Tower Members! Sorry, we have to charge this year as The Tower Budget lies, temporarily beached on the twin sandbanks of Increased Expenditure and Income insufficient to match! Yet! Thanks for your continued support, much appreciated)

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Friday 22nd December 8pm

Christmas Is Come! The Music Of Rural England!


Seasonal merrymaking, assisted by Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, John Clare, William Barnes and George Eliot. Mellstock was the fictional name that the poet and novelist Thomas Hardy gave to his home parish of Stinsford, Dorset and the band has been inspired by his detailed and vigorous portrayals of music, song and dancing, as well as performing music form his familys' collection of manuscript books.

Tickets £8 Concessions £7 Members £6

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